Easy to fly in all body positions, this suit gives you the power to have a wide range of speeds.


The top part is built like a uno.618, but legs and ankles have a "Classic Cut".

Performance for every kind of jump, easy to fly and very comfortable. Comes with two inside pockets.

Diamant Elastic in all the joints, allows to move with no restrictions.



The attention to detail and the continuous research for first quality materials is the first step to develop a product that is being appreciated worldwide.


We test and use advanced and technological materials, to create high quality products that meet our athletes and customers needs, inspiring them to push their limits.


This specific uno.619 is built with:



Arms: Orion Speed - Royal Blue


Chest and front Thighs: Orion Speed - Dark Grey


Rear Thighs and Legs: Cordura® 500 - Black


Forearms: Cordura® 500 - White


Elastic: Diamant - Black


Zipper: Windproof YKK® - Black


Special Design: New Factory






ORION SPEED: 59% PA - 41% PU  Wind Repellent - Light Weight
CORDURA 180: 100% PA  Breathable - Light Weight
CORDURA 500: 100% PA  Not Breathable - Medium Weight
CORDURA 1000: 100% PA  Not Breathable - Heavy Weight
DIAMANT ELASTIC: 45%PES - 38%PA - 3%EA - 14%PU  Wind Repellent - Breathable - 4way Stretch - Light Weight
NET: 100% PA  Breathable - Light Weigh



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