The reasons that make this helmet unique are the choices of materials, the functionality and the design.

Carbon fiber composite shell and top.


 The sliding Top Cover allows to alterate up or down the camera angle.

New TF Pro Mount: easier to put on and off your cameras and more stable.


Top cover designed for the Hypie D-Pro where the passage of cables are exclusively internal.

Brakets and Mounts avaliable for every video and photo camera. Check our configurator or accessories page. 



Shell & Chincup:  Carbon Look - Glossy + Cutaway System 


Top Cover:  Bright Yellow 


Ratchet Straps:  Hard - Yellow


TF Pro Mount: Yes 


Standard Logo Colors:  Bright Yellow & White


Camera Mount 3X GoPro Bracket Video Camera Antitwist Pin



Shell & Chincup:  Bright Yellow - Glossy  + Cutaway system 


Top Cover:  Carbon Look - Matt 


Ratchet Straps:  Hard - Black


TF Pro Mount:  No


Ext. Audible Port:  Yellow - Right side


Standard Logo Colors:  Black & Alluminium

Cut away System avaliable.



Shell: carbon fiber composite
Padding: antiallergic & washable
Weight:  740 gr.
Available sizes: XS(52-53) - S(54-55) - M(56-57) - L(58-59) - XL (60-61) - XXL (62-63)


For a PERFECT FIT the thermoformed linings come already configurated by channel rooms to fit the accessories


The thickness of linings is about 8mm, this means that there are only 11mm between the external helmet shell and your head.

 External Audible Port and hard or soft Ratchet Straps are available in different colors.

This Camera Helmet is only to support video and foto camera devices. Extreme sports are subject to risk usage and this helmet could not protect against impacts. 

Tonfly Configurator

With our Configurator you can fully build your helmet, choosing colors, finishing, logos, options, setups and save it or buy it.

For Special and Custom Designs, click on the appropriate configurator.

What are Special or Custom Designs? Click here to know more about Special Designs and click here to know more about Custom Designs.
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X Tonfly Configurator

Step by step you can fully customize your suit or helmet by choosing features such as fabrics, colors, logos, options, setups and our additional graphics.

A sequence of photos and texts will guide you to take precise body measurements.

Choose a suit or an helmet and configure it.
At the end, you will be able to save your configuration and have a link to review, modify or submit it.

Note : the colors on your computer screens, may not be exactly equal to reality.